Over the past 6 months BVA has been attending an a wide range of webinars, workshops and networking events. From an inaugural meeting on Serious Violence through partnering with NHS Southern Foundation on Project Fusion, attending the Hampshire Community Rail Partnership Annual Stakeholders Meeting and VCS Emergencies Partnership , all have been relevant to the work being undertaken at BVA in representing the Voluntary Sector of Basingstoke and Deane.

It is always a confidence booster when attending any webinar or event to discover other people have the same or similar issues or challenges as you.

Being able to hear groups experiences, find out how issues are being approached and the sharing of ideas can be very powerful. Some ideas you may have had already while there may be others that you may not have considered or that spark further thoughts.

There are always more things to learn and knowledge to be gained from ‘meeting’ people, even if that is virtual rather than in person.

Whether the event is local, regional or national, it is definitely worth investing an hour or more.

Coming away with a nugget of information, a new contact or a potential to partner/collaborate is incredibly valuable. But maybe the most valuable aspect is knowing, that whatever the challenge, you are not alone!

We are currently putting together our next 6 months programme of Voluntary Sector Forums (VSF), some of which will be virtual and others, we hope, to hold in person. Our September VSF will be on Zoom and the theme will be Healthy Ageing. More details can be found here

Suggestions for future VSF’s include Befriending, Environment, Community Buildings and Transport but we would like to hear from you as to what subjects you would like included and what format you would like the meetings to take. To let us know your thoughts please click here

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