Employee Volunteering in the Community

Does your business offer your employees Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days?

If your employees would like to support our wonderful diverse community either individually or as a team, we are here to help. We connect businesses with good causes to make a difference to our communities and support the local groups looking for an extra pair of hands. Employee volunteering is good for both employees and for businesses and offers a range of opportunities for them to explore.

As well as delivering Corporate Social Responsibility objectives there are other positive benefits for your business and employees that include:

  • A greater understanding of the local communities and good causes, and the impact their work has on the communities they support
  • Improved team working and better working relationships
  • Improved employee motivation
  • Enhanced individual skills and knowledge
  • Improved company reputation within the local

For more information, please contact us via email contact@bvaction.org.uk or call 01256 423816.

Are you a business offering people or resources?

  • Team Challenges – these are one off activities that can last a day or longer depending on the challenge. These tend to be more of a more practical nature such as gardening or decorating. They are good for team building and motivating staff, as well as being fun.
  • Sharing Professional Skills – we are always looking for people who can share their skills with groups, either by sessions that a variety of groups can attend or supporting specific groups. The skills are wide ranging from marketing, website construction, social media, interviewing techniques, finance to specific mentoring for individuals and groups.
  • Regular Volunteering – if you have employees who can do some regular volunteering then we can link them up with local organisations needing this type of support
  • Events/Campaigns – these tend to run at certain times of the year and may be held during the weekends. For events they can include car park marshalling, setting up stalls etc

Please complete our form and we will get back to you to discuss what you would like to do.

Offering Your Help:


Are you a charity or community group looking for support?

So, our question to you is what do you need help with 

We appreciate that there will be gardening and decoration projects but why not also think about what else you need help with – website design, fundraising, maybe you are looking for certain items, help to put a programme together or run an event.  

Maybe it is something new that you want to do or something that has been on the back burner because you have not had enough resource, time or money. 

Whilst we cannot guarantee to find a company to help the more interesting your project the more chance we have of linking you up. 

We are currently increasing the number of business contacts offering to donate time to support community projects so Charities and event organisers, please outline your requirements for help by filling in the form below and we will be delighted to initiate contact.

Please complete the form below.

Looking For Help:


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