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BVA supports and encourages networking for information sharing, support, and collaboration amongst local community groups via various networks and forums set up to bring the Voluntary Sector within Basingstoke & Deane closer together. Our networks and forums are online and face-to-face, some are structured and organised, whilst others are free-flowing and responsive.

As the recognised voice of the local voluntary and community sector in Basingstoke, we rely on our members’ participation to help build a picture of any current issues and needs to ensure that these reach the ears of those who can make a difference, through all our networks. We aim to provide a space where BVA member groups can discuss, network and share views on various topics, and is an opportunity to find solutions to shared issues together. Please click on one of our networks and forums below to find out more.

Voluntary Sector Forum

The aim of the Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) is to bring people from a wide representation of voluntary and community groups across Basingstoke and Deane to discuss issues, share information and enable a powerful collective community voice.

Each VSF has a theme and comprises of a combination of presentations, networking opportunities, partnerships and information sharing

Attending the VSF will give groups an opportunity to :

  • Promote their group and share their information with others
  • Exchange ideas, knowledge and experience
  • Share successes and issues
  • Link up with other organisations for collaborative projects or partnership working
  • Obtain information about the latest developments affecting voluntary and community groups, both in the borough, countywide and nationally.

Meetings are held on Thursdays at 12:00-14:00 via Zoom unless otherwise advised.

Funding Forum

The Funding Forum is ideal for individuals responsible for fundraising in voluntary organisations and community groups in Basingstoke and Deane.

The forum provides an opportunity to learn best practice in funding and fundraising, network and share experiences and issues with peers from other organisations.

‘Meet the Funder’ sessions are organised as part of the forum activities to allow local groups to meet prospective funders.

Part of the work supporting the forum is the

  • production of our monthly Funding Newsletter. You can sign up here: Receive monthly updates
  • tailored funding searches
  • grant application reviews
  • and highlighting grants available to local groups

Trustees Network

We are pleased to bring you the Basingstoke Trustees Network (BTN), which is an opportunity to bring together Trustees and Committee members from a range of voluntary sector organisations across the borough to discuss key issues, update their knowledge around topics and most importantly network with other Trustee peers.

Each BTN meeting will focus around a particular theme, starting with a short presentation, Q&A following by networking and discussion. As the network grows and evolves guest speakers and wider agenda items can be collaboratively added.

Volunteer Coordinator Network

The Volunteer Coordinator Network is aimed at those who manage volunteers to come along and join us for a session to network and share good practice around volunteer management.

The network provides an opportunity to learn best practice in volunteer management, network and share experiences and issues with peers from other organisations.


Partnership working is really important to us here at BVA. We represent the local voluntary sector on a number of boards and committees to ensure that the voice of the sector here in Basingstoke is heard and considered in decision making.

We work with our partners to deliver local, community-based projects, and are pleased to be involved in various partnerships that take place across the county. We also encourage and support joint-working with and between our members. You can click on the partnerships button below to find out more about the various partnerships that we’re involved in.


Local Children's Partnership (LCP)

The Children Young People and Partnership met in 2019 and relaunched in June 2022 as the Basingstoke Local Children’s Partnership.

The overall purpose of this partnership includes:

  • To bring together key CYPP stakeholders, guiding and supporting integrated working across agencies.
  • To provide local oversight and shared vision for the implementation of the CYPP Plan.
  • To develop a detailed level of intelligence and understanding of outcomes for children and young people within the borough in order to promote a focus on emerging needs

North & Mid Hampshire Social Prescribing Network

The North and Mid-Hants Social Prescribing Network was launched in November 2021 and is co-ordinated by Basingstoke Voluntary Action and Community First. The Network consists of health professionals, social prescribing practitioners, representatives from the community and voluntary sector.

We are working together to share knowledge and best practice, to support social prescribing at a county level.

Social Inclusion Partnership (SIP)

The Basingstoke and Deane Social Inclusion Partnership was formed in 2015 to develop a community-led response to homelessness through a partnership approach.

The partnership brings together housing, homelessness and emergency services, community organisations, faith-based voluntary groups, people with lived experience and local businesses who are all committed to reducing homelessness and advancing social inclusion in the borough.

Community Support Network

In partnership with The Mayor’s Office, The Basingstoke and Deane Community Support Network brings together organisations and individuals from across Basingstoke and Deane to enable effective support and avoid duplication for the benefit of our community.

The support provided may be practical or financial. We believe that with collaboration, connections and communication we can better meet the needs of our diverse communities in the borough.

Our goals are to:

  • To share information to better understand the needs of the community and the support landscape
  • To identify support request themes and how these can be addressed more effectively
  • To identify support gap opportunities that the Network as a whole, or a single or collaboration of members, may be able to fill
  • To promote better awareness of one another’s work and identify opportunities for collaboration that will strengthen and expand the support reach
  • To share best practice, hints and tips and support

Our membership reaches a wide range of community leaders, including Supermarket Champions, Housing Associations, Community Foundations and other representative bodies, meeting on a biannual basis.

Community Infrastructure Partnership

Seven Councils of Voluntary Services based in Hampshire, who, having been working closely together over many years; have come together in a formal partnership to enable collective bidding and commissioning of multi-partner work.

We seek to enshrine the spirit of collaboration and common purpose amongst the Hampshire CVS partners. We will engage with a wide range of partners to:

  • Undertake joint contracts to meet commissioner and funder priorities.
  • Maintain excellent communication networks across the Hampshire districts that our partners represent to enhance joint commissioning and delivery.
  • Create, innovate and develop responses to improve lives and help communities thrive.
  • Monitor and evaluate services and provide valuable research for future service design.
  • To provide lasting legacy services.
  • To be identified as a model for high-quality service delivery across the sector.

Basingstoke Hate Crime Awareness Group (BHCAG)

Basingstoke Hate Crime Awareness Group (BHCAG) was formed to raise awareness, increase confidence amongst victims to report hate crimes or incidents and to work with young people to challenge attitudes and prejudices.

Members include Access4All, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Basingstoke and District Disability Forum (BDDF), Basingstoke Multicultural Forum (BMF), Basingstoke Voluntary Action (BVA), Citizens Advice, Hampshire Police and local community representatives. 

To find out more about the group please click here

Mental Health Alliance

We are pleased to be involved in the Mental Health Alliance. The purpose of the group is to share information about existing and emerging needs, provide information on services and referral routes, identify gaps in provision and work in partnership to address these.

The group represents all ages and all sections of the community.

Cancer Services Partnership

We are pleased to be involved in the CSP, bringing together patients, their families and caregivers, key HHFT and hospital partners and representatives of relevant charities and local support groups to enable their views and experiences to be heard and used to enhance cancer care in the HHFT area.

The CSP involves exchanging news and updates on improvements, changes, and issues in the North and Mid Hampshire area that may affect HHFT cancer patients, their families and caregivers’ experiences.

VCS Emergencies Partnership

The VCS Emergencies Partnership is a network which brings together local, regional and national organisations.

These range from nationwide specialist organisations like St John Ambulance and the British Red Cross to local infrastructure and smaller community organisations with varying levels of emergency response and preparedness experience.

The network plays a crucial role in major emergencies, from preparedness planning, to coordinating responses, to building capability, to providing learning on what works best. When we face our next emergency and people are in need, whether this is flooding or supporting an influx of refugees, the network acts as a central cog that brings together the knowledge and capabilities of local and national groups, statutory bodies, and local and national government to deliver the very best emergency response that people deserve.

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