Do you need help with your grant application?

Applying for a grant can be complicated and time consuming, and an over familiarity with the subject and the applications can lead people up the wrong path. Having someone who is not involved in your project can help by:

  • Checking that you meet the grant criteria.
  • Identifying any gaps in what you tell them, so that your ‘story’ reads smoothly.
  • Confirming that the need for your project is convincingly expressed and supported by supplied evidence and that you show that you have the ability to meet those needs.
  • Ensuring that the benefits that will come from the project, and the differences that will be made by it taking place, are clearly shown
  • Clearly defining who the beneficiaries are and what difference your project will make to them.
  • And the ultimate test, based on what has been written, would the application be successful?

We hold face-to-face drop-in sessions at The Orchard to support groups looking for an independent review of their grant application. These drop in sessions take place once a month.  Groups will be able to meet a member of our team to get advice and feedback on their application, and it is an opportunity to discuss the grant you are applying for. Please book an appointment by emailing or calling us on: 01256 423816.

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