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Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding Volunteers via BVA

Getting the right people volunteering for your organisation can be the key to getting the right skills and experience on board and making your organisation run more smoothly. There are lots of reasons why people volunteer and are often very willing to help. To gain new skills, meet new people and have fun, share their expertise or to make a real difference to their community.

When new volunteers come on board it is important to create a positive working environment. Be clear about what you need upfront and what tasks you will be asking your volunteers to carry out plus the hours they are required. Make sure volunteers are adequately trained, supported and reimbursed for out of pocket expenses and thanked for their support. For more information click here.

If your organisation needs help with recruitment of volunteers, take the opportunity to use Volunteer North Hampshire to get access to your local volunteer database. This will allow details to be made available to the community and potentially gain the Volunteers you require.

To have opportunities promoted on the website your organisation needs to be registered. If you are not currently registered please complete an Organisation Registration Form.

Organisation Registration Form Download

Once you have confirmation that your organisation is registered please complete an Opportunity Registration Form

Opportunity Registration Form Download

Both forms should be emailed to and if you require any assistance please contact us on 01256 423816 or via this email.

Reach Volunteering – Skills based Volunteers

Reach Volunteering compliments the local roles of Volunteer North Hants and allows organisations to register free to post opportunities especially including Trustee roles from a wider distance. Their aim is to connect people, skills and good causes and allows a wider promotion with the opportunities for good quality volunteers to also potentially assist remotely.

Don’t forget the BVA Volunteer North Hants site to post local roles and maybe drop into BVA to discuss role descriptions and publicity.

Timebanking – Managed by YouTrust

The concept is simple, for every hour participants ‘deposit’ in a timebank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support in time when they themselves are in need. In each case the participant decides what they can offer. Everyone’s time is equal, so one hour of my time is equal to one hour of your time, irrespective of whatever we choose to exchange.

It does not require the same level of commitment as regular volunteering so is a flexible way for people to come together to build a community.  For example, you may find yourself with a spare hour one week, you log on to the Basingstoke Timebank website and see that someone is requesting  assistance to walk their dog, you accept the request and the broker is notified and sets up the exchange earning you one time-credit.  The following month you decide that you need help tackling your garden, you post a request for a volunteer to assist you and someone accepts it.  The broker vets and sets up the exchange and you cash in your time credit and get help you need.

The whole project works on the principle of reciprocity and is not just for individuals but organisations as well.  For example a business may need help to stage an event that requires volunteers to manage traffic or distribute leaflets, in return perhaps they may donate cinema vouchers or a meeting room for free. Timebanking even counts towards the required job seeking hours as part of Universal Credit and Job seeker’s allowance claims. For more information on this initiative see

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in then get in touch with our Timebank Broker on 01256-423805 / 07484 928228 or email us at 

If however you wish to volunteer on a more regular basis with a local Charity or Voluntary Organisation, don’t forget that Basingstoke Voluntary Action maintains details of known opportunities and groups can promote required roles via the Volunteer North Hants Website – If you wish to wish to promote a role or wish to visit the BVA Volunteer Team, see the details available via or contact us at or phone 01256 423850.


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