Back Office Support

How Do We Support Community Organisations?

Basingstoke Voluntary Action and Action Hampshire have come together to launch BOSS Partners, a back office support service. BOSS Partners connect organisations to essential services from a collective of partners.

Their multi team approach combines over 70 years of knowledge, offering a truly one stop shop for supporting charities & small businesses. The ethos is ‘if we can’t currently help, we know who can’. BOSS Partners think transparency is an important part of their working culture, for this reason, all pricing is visible on the website and bespoke quotes will be given upon request with no obligations attached.

Our Services

The services that BOSS Partners currently offers can be broken down into 6 different categories as seen below. If you would like to chat about any of the services offered please email or call 01256 423852.

Visit the BOSS Partners website by clicking on the button below to find more information on the services currently offered.


BOSS Partners

The services that BOSS Partners currently offer can be defined within six different categories.

Financial Services

Our financial services include payroll services, bookkeeping and accountancy support.

HR Advice & Support Services

Our HR Advice & Support Services include team development and performance management support as well as support in eliminating HR admin.

Marketing and Graphic Design Services

Our Marketing and Graphic Design Services include branding and document design, digital marketing support, and general marketing advice and guidance.

Facilities Services

Our Facilities Services include registered address options, hot desking, printing or office space hire.

Training & Consultancy Services

Our Training & Consultancy Services include the Ready2Launch service, team training and online learning.

Website Design Services

Our Website Design Services include four tiered packages so you can achieve the website you need with the right level of support


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