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Volunteering: A Family Affair?

NCVO, in partnership with TSRC and University of Salford, have published a summary report, Volunteering: A Family Affair? Summary Report.

The report is based on research which set out to explore the relationship between families and volunteering, from family and organisational perspectives.

As well as sharing the summary findings, the report includes 5 organisational case studies and suggests a series of questions which organisations may want to consider if they are looking to develop family volunteering.

  1. How do families currently engage with your organisation?
  2. How do you want to involve families and what approach to family volunteering is right for you?
  3. Can you enhance the volunteering participation for families within your organisation?
  4. Can you do more to help families balance volunteering with family life?
  5. How can you ensure that family volunteering is as inclusive as possible?
  6. How does the balance you are striking between risk management and being inclusive affect the involvement of families in volunteering?
  7. How can you help to ensure that families, and your organisation, get the most out of volunteering?

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