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Vaccination Programme Volunteering

From the 26th March 2021, we are, for the moment, pausing our recruitment of new volunteers for the COVID-19 Vaccination Centres in Basingstoke.

Hundreds of local people have signed up to help and generously given their time and effort at the centres. It has been a tremendous success and BVA and the two centres are very grateful to every person who has volunteered, and those who continue to volunteer, and play a part in the great vaccination campaign.

So, why are we pausing it?

Simply put, the fabulous response means that both of the centres are usually fully booked with volunteers on our system for a month or more ahead, and we would like to ensure that everyone who has signed up to volunteer so far has the opportunity to do so.

Is this going to change?

At some point, almost certainly. In conjunction with the centres we will be monitoring the numbers and the requirements closely, and we will reopen the recruitment of volunteers should the need arise. Nobody knows for sure how long the centres will continue running and how long we will need to help support their work.

We would like to thank everyone for their fantastic response to support our community.

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