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Vaccination Programme Volunteering

We are delighted to be working with the North Hampshire CCG Primary Care Network and Solent NHS Trust as the primary provider of volunteer recruitment for the two major COVID vaccination sites within Basingstoke & Deane. The Hampshire Court Hotel site, operational for several weeks now, has seen hundreds of amazing residents come forward to help volunteer.

The Covid-19 vaccination programme has started in the Basingstoke area, and is due to continue well into the year.  We are recruiting volunteers to help support the smooth running of the programme at two locations in Basingstoke.

  1. The Hampshire Court Hotel in Chineham.
  2. Basingstoke Fire Station

There are a number of differences between these two sites. These are summarised below. They also have different registration requirements which are described at the bottom of this page. The Registration button should be used for both sites.

Hampshire Court Hotel

The shift pattern will be broken down into 2 x 6hr shifts per day, with opportunities for breaks.

    • Shift 1: 0800-1400hrs
    • Shift 2: 1300-1900hrs

Volunteers are needed for two different roles on the site: –

Car parking marshals – to direct people arriving at the site to appropriate parking places and show them where they need to go.

Reception – Initial greeting of patients into vaccination building and liaison with the patient check-in staff and the car park marshalls to call patients from their cars. (N.B. Currently not being regularly recruited – this may change in the future)

There will be no physical contact, clinical care or lifting involved in these roles.


    • Volunteers need to be able to stand/walk for the duration of the shift, and willing to work outside in a range of weather conditions.
    • Volunteers should be comfortable communicating with the public, as there will be interaction with patients, staff and members of the general public.
    • Full onsite induction/briefing will be conducted before each shift.
    • Safety equipment (hi viz, masks) will be provided, but volunteers would need to bring their own cold & wet weather clothing (it can get very cold!).
    • There is tea & coffee available, but volunteers may wish to bring their own refreshments.

Bookings for the Hotel Site are an expression of interest only. The operations team will email you directly with full details of your session if you are needed. Please do not turn up at the site unless you have received that specific communication from them.


Basingstoke Fire Station

The shift patterns will be broken down into three per day, with approximately 4 hour shifts, with small amounts of additional time for start up, handover, and closing down each day.

    • Shift 1: 07:45- 12:00
    • Shift 2: 11:45-16:00
    • Shift 3: 15:45-20:15

Volunteers are needed for two different roles on the site: –

Outdoor Marshall / Guide – Supporting the safe flow of traffic and people into and out of the vaccination centre. The role will involve directing traffic around the site and to available parking, highlighting the correct entrances for people, and generally assisting around the site.   (Full role description can be downloaded here –  Word  pdf)

Indoor Guide – Supporting the safe flow of people around the vaccination centre. This will include providing direction through the centre; helping to book people in on arrival; supporting people moving through the centre (e.g. those with limited mobility); inviting people to give feedback.  (Full role description can be downloaded here –  Word  pdfNote: there is no requirement for DBS checks for this role 10/02/2021 

The Fire Station have advised that they will treat all bookings using our Calendly system as confirmed unless they call you otherwise to say you are not needed. Once you express availability/make a booking for a time and date using our Calendly system please assume that you will therefore need to turn up at the site as confirmed unless you hear otherwise.



The following information provides details of the registration process. Please read this carefully.

Both venues require volunteers to complete an NHS Covid Risk Assessment. This is a national standard tool that has been developed to help with the recruitment process. Unfortunately, those scoring 6 points or above are deemed to be high risk for Covid-19 and shall be prohibited from volunteering at the request of the site management for their own safety. The link to the Assessment will be emailed to you after registration. 

Provided the Assessment scoring is less than 6 volunteers will be emailed the link to book shifts at the vaccination centres. 

Volunteers for Basingstoke Fire Station will be required to sign a Volunteer Agreement, the link for which will be emailed at the same time as the link to book shifts. 

Register as a Vaccination Centre Volunteer


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