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Top 10 Tips for Crafting Your Video

With so many improvements in technology making a video to promote your cause or event is now accessible to anyone who has a camera phone. But how do you make a good video? Here are 10 tips to get you started.

  1. Keep your video to 1 minute or maximum 1minute 30 seconds. This may not sound very long but you can get a lot into that amount of time. If you do not believe us go on the internet and search for one minute documentary videos.
  2. Decide on the purpose of the video – what are your key messages? Why not script what you are going to say but remember not to write it out in long hand and just read it as this can end up stilted and monotone.
  3. Practice what you are going to say. Use an egg timer or the oven clock to check you can get your message across in the time.
  4. If you are not confident just talking to camera, consider having an interviewer just off screen to ask questions, either verbally or by holding up cards. They should be at the same eye level as the camera phone.
  5. If using a phone consider buying a microphone to go with it – audio is as important as the visual
  6. Where are you going to film the video? Check what is in the background before filming
  7. Make sure it is nice and bright. Nothing is harder than trying to work out what is going on in a dark image.
  8. Shoot horizontally as your video will be able to go on multiple platforms. Shooting vertically only works for social media.
  9. If you are filming outside avoid noisy areas e.g. public roads or crowds as your audience won’t be able to hear you very well.
  10. Try and find somewhere to balance your phone to keep it as steady as possible. You can get phone tripods to help you.

Of course you can get a professional company to do this for you or approach local colleges whose media students may be looking for experience. If you do this remember that it is your video and you need to manage it so that the end product will satisfy your target audience.

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