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BVA Blogs

The BVA team are always taking part in workshops, training, and meetings to expand our knowledge of the sector and keep up to date with the community. We have decided to share the key takeaways and useful reminders that we experience to ensure that you do not miss out on any particulars.

Helping Organisations Thrive – BOSS Partners

The name ‘BOSS’ stands for ‘Back Office Support Services’ and does exactly what it says on the tin. We help take care of your back office functions such as finance, HR, training and design, so you can focus on what matters most – providing an excellent service to your customers.

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Creating a Brand – Charlotte Ware

As part of my role with in BVA, as well as our partnership work with BOSS Partners, I am a graphic designer. My goal is to use creative design to promote BVA and other organisations and to create strong brands that are recognisable with in their community. Today I’d like to talk about the value […]

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Effective Social Media Strategy

Our Marketing & Communications Officer Ernie recently attended a workshop that was all about adopting and developing your own social media strategy. Check out the useful summary of the key information he took away.

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View from the Back Office

We were tasked with helping with recruitment of volunteers to support the work of the two mass vaccination centres in Basingstoke. Whilst the volunteers and others would be working on the non-clinical side, guiding patients around the centres and generally helping things to run smoothly, Chris was getting stuck in behind the scenes…

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View From the Front Line

Basingstoke Voluntary Action was tasked with helping with recruitment of volunteers to support the work of the two mass vaccination centres in Basingstoke.  The volunteers would be working on the non-clinical side, guiding patients around the centres and generally helping things to run smoothly.  Patricia Langley, one of the Voluntary Sector Support Officers in BVA, signed up to volunteer at Basingstoke Fire Station, the centre operated by Solent NHS Trust.

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BOSS Scheme – Charlotte Ware

Charlotte explains how Back-office support relates to all the general office tasks that aren’t customer facing, from help setting up and finding your organisation or business a home, through to taking care of vital functions like payroll and HR.

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Catalyst Project ‘Sprints’! – Charlotte Ware

Our wonderful Business Development Officer Charlotte and Helena at Action Hampshire have come together today to work on their first ‘Sprint’ for their project with Catalyst. The project aims to help charities face digital challenges head on and grow their confidence in digital working.

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The Love for Volunteering – Louise Carpenter-Ward

Our amazing Voluntary Sector Support Officer Louise shares how she was able to make one of the greatest passions in her life a volunteering role and an opportunity to help others. As she continues to look for even more volunteering roles, she makes it clear that her VSSO role will help with the skills needed when volunteering in different areas.

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