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Register Your Group. Basingstoke Voluntary Action is a registered charity working all year round to support the community of Basingstoke and Deane. During this difficult time, we want to make sure that our residents are looking out for one another to help everyone stay safe and healthy. If your group/organisation can provide support to the community please would you register what services you can provide via this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

7. What Services are you currently Running? (Tick each that applies)

Telephone Befriending:
Helping the Vulnerable with practicalities:
Local Street Champions:
Adding Capacity to key services:
You're just Setting Up:
Advice and Guidance:

8. If you have answered other in the previous question please specify

9. How are you making people aware of your services? (Tick each that applies)

Telephone Number:
Local Magazine:
Letter :
Word of Mouth:

10. Please include details for each box checked in the previous question e.g. dedicated phone number, Facebook page

11. What days / times are you open / active?

12. Do you have volunteers ?:

13. If you answered Yes in the previous question how many?

14. If you are just setting up what would you be willing to do? This is an initial list, and it is not exhaustive. We ask that you only choose things you would be willing to do, although we would understand your circumstances may change. (Tick each that applies)

Check in via phone with people who may need it:
Help a vulnerable person with practicalities:
Street Champion ensuring a coordinated local response:
Adding Capacity to key services:

15. If you have answered other in the previous question please specify

16. DBS checks - Not having a DBS check does not exclude anyone from helping

17. What do you need to help you deliver your services? (Tick each that applies)

DBS Checks:

18. If you have answered other in the previous question please specify

19. Are you happy for us to share your contact details with someone else who has signed up from a postcode near you?

20. We will store this information specifically for the volunteer response for C0VID-19, you can indicate if you would like us to store your email for ongoing communication purposes below.


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