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The radio station is now launching the HHCR Basingstoke Radio Charity Showcase, this is a 1 hour show that will showcase one  charity within the Basingstoke area per week.
The show will be produced and conducted by the stations program manager and presenter, David Chatten-Smith.
It will be a show with music chosen by the charity and an interview conducted by David, where the charity can talk about themselves, what they do, how they do it and what they need.

This is a free offer open to any charity, or non profit in the Basingstoke area.
If you are part of a local group, that would like to get some free air time and would like to promote your group, then please get in touch and email the station:
All interviews will be conducted via a secure zoom link back to the studio, and will be recorded so you can receive a fully produced copy of the interview for yourself.

About HHCR Basingstoke Radio

Launched just over a year ago, for the first time in many years people in Basingstoke can now listen to their very own local community radio station that is run by the community for the community.
HHCR Basingstoke Radio is an internet based radio station that people can access via the website to listen live, or by asking Amazon Alexa to find HHCR on Tune in, Planned for late 2020 is an application for small scale DAB radio, and a project to be added to the bedside units based at the local Hospital.
This helps the most vulnerable people in society access this media, given their umbrella organization is Helping Hands for the Blind.
The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is run by local volunteers to keep listeners company. It tries to help boost local community pride, share local events and help Basingstoke’s charities to have a voice “on air”. It encourages local artists in to sing, talk, and share their stories, celebrating the diverse communities of Basingstoke on-air and helping volunteers find their voice through the power of community radio!

We have always been proud of our station and on Wednesday 15th July we won the Arts and Entertainments section in the Basingstoke Place to be proud of awards.


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