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New Scheme for Advisory Organisations for EU Citizens Seeking UK Settlement

On 1st February 2019 the OISC will be opening a new registration scheme aimed at organisations that want to advise EU citizens on their applications for settlement in the UK. The registration will be at OISC Level 1 Immigration EUSS (limited to the EU Settlement Scheme). Application forms and guidance on how to complete them will be available from the OISC website with effect from 1st February 2019.

The application process will be streamlined and is aimed at not for profit and charitable organisations. The limited area of work and the streamlined application process means that we expect to make decisions on applications around 4-6 weeks after receipt of the application. Successful organisations will be granted authorisation for two years at Level One Immigration limited to the EU Settlement Scheme.

To demonstrate “fitness and competence”, organisations will need to show that they have satisfied the relevant competency standards and evidenced that they are fit to provide immigration advice, but will not be required to undertake the OISC Level 1 written examination.

To help organisations provide advice and services to EU citizens about the settlement scheme, the Home Office is providing £9M funding, details of which are on the Home Office website. The Home Office is also looking to commission a training course, which organisations bidding for funding can access, which will assist them in demonstrating to the OISC that they have the right level of knowledge and so support their applications for the new OISC registration scheme.

All current OISC registered organisations, that are authorised in the category of Immigration, are already registered to provide immigration advice about the EU Settlement Scheme.


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