Supporting Residents in Need

BVA currently operates the Local Emergency Welfare Support System (LEWS). LEWS was created to be one stop shop for professionals to make referrals for residents who need support from key voluntary and community sector (VCS) partners. Professionals complete one form which is submitted for triage to BVA. The request will then be passed to Citizens Advice for advice on benefits, housing, access to grants, Mindspace Foundation for mental health services  or Basingstoke foodbank for emergency food supplies or a combination as appropriate. The professionals complete one form. The LEWS process then places the request in front of however many of these agencies are required to meet the residents needs. This saves professionals time in making multiple referrals and also leaves a footprint of how many VCS organisations the resident is/has been in touch with and, if there multiple referrals, flags if higher level/statutory support might be needed.

For more information please email or call 01256 423816

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