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It’s Trustee Week

What is a trustee? Why do they have a week? Trustees’ are the people who are in charge of a charity and because of these wonderful people the United Kingdom is regarded as the sixth most giving country across the globe. The United Kingdom is home to approximately 196,000 charities covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To cover all of these charities there around one million trustees’ giving their spare time to help

The average age for a trustee is 59 years old but this doesn’t stop the 86,000 young trustees’ (16-35) from helping. It’s also very even with half of the trustees’ being women in the UK discovered through research from NCVO. They play crucial roles in charities as they volunteer their time together all working to make important decisions within the charities work, all in all the trustees’ contribution to charities amounts to the monetary equivalent of around £3.5 billion a year.

The trustees’ week is to celebrate all this work and is an annual event in which all of the great work done is showcased. The aim is to highlight the opportunities for people from all walks of life to be able to make a big difference. The online website Trustee Week has further information and gives easy access to discovering great volunteering opportunities for you and all the training you will need.

What do trustees say about their roles

Being a Trustee satisfies several needs in my life.   It means I can put some of my spare time, now I am retired, to good use.   It means I can continue to use those skills I have acquired during my life.   It means I am able to give back to my community some of benefits that the community has given to me.   It means I continue to meet people from all walks of life which enriches my daily life.   Being a Trustee gives an extra layer of satisfaction adding to the fullness of my existence.

Jane Brydges, Basingstoke and District Disability Forum

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a director with YPI, it is a fantastic charity. I am learning as much as I am giving, and it is a joy to work alongside some amazingly individuals.

Daniel Holloway, Director of Marketing, YPI

It is an honour to be asked to be a Trustee of a charity and to feel you are able to help make a real difference out of sight.  It is also something not to be undertaken lightly as you are responsible for the charity performing well for the benefit of the recipients.  It’s a great feeling to know you can do so much good so easily.

Pauline Hedges, BRASACC Trustee

Being a Trustee means walking a tightrope between on one side, what you passionately believe in and on the other, delivering it efficiently and effectively within a framework of sound and transparent governance.

Mike Browning, Camrose Centre Trustee


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