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Introducing Adult Reading with Read Easy

Sadly, more than 7% of adults never learnt to read at school. As a result, they struggle to do simple everyday things. They are often too embarrassed to admit it and seek help if it means joining a class. The good news is that it’s never too late to learn!

Read Easy is a friendly, flexible and free one-to-one scheme that helps adults learn to read, or improve their reading, quietly and comfortably at their own pace in a discreet venue. What’s more, it’s coming to Basingstoke.

Confidential and Relaxed Coaching

Read Easy provides confidential one-to-one coaching by trained volunteer reading coaches for anyone who struggles with their reading. Readers meet with their coaches for just half an hour a week, twice a week, at quiet venues at a time to suit them where they can work in a relaxed atmosphere. Together, they work at their own pace through a phonics-based reading programme with manuals that are easy to use and reading books especially written for adults.

Some people complete the course in as little as a year, while others take a couple of years. The important thing is that everyone learns at their own pace without feeling rushed. Certificates are presented at regular intervals to recognise progress.

Learning to read is important and transforms people’s lives. Once people have learnt to read they improve their employment opportunities, can progress to learn other things and are even able to support their children’s or grandchildren’s reading. And, above all, they grow enormously in confidence, self-esteem and independence.

How You Can Help

To get this valuable service up and running in Basingstoke, Read Easy is looking for volunteers who would like to become involved in the management team, or who would like to train as reading coaches. Getting involved can be a really rewarding and enjoyable experience and will give volunteers the chance to change lives, become part of the community and make a difference.

In addition, Read Easy is looking for local businesses and organisations who can offer space on their premises free of charge for reading sessions to take place. They would also like to hear from local funding bodies, businesses or individuals interested in contributing financially as well as from local agencies wishing to refer people who want to learn to read.

For further information, email Alan at, or call him on 07592 450789.



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