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Does your Business want to become more involved in the local community?

The Volunteer Centre can supply a list of team projects, such as gardening days, decorating days, fundraising events etc, where local voluntary and community organisations need short term help from a team of people.

Also included in the list are projects for individuals who could offer their skills to a Voluntary and Community group, such as setting up a simple database, offering training in Excel or Database, or independently checking their accounts.

Many businesses allow their employees to take 1 or 2 days a year paid time to carry out volunteering within the community; there are many benefits to the employees, the company and the Voluntary Sector.

The Volunteer Centre also runs an annual “Meet & Match” event, offering Businesses the opportunity to meet Community Organisations and explore potential ways of supporting and working in partnership with them.

Previous events have resulted in community organisations receiving refurbished computers and office furniture, a school being assisted with development of a bike track for pupils, Trustee roles being filled and much more. For information, please contact us at or phone 01256 423816.

If your business isn’t yet involved and contributing within the community, this video will give you a taste of what’s on offer! BVA builds connections between local companies and Basingstoke charities, community groups and voluntary organisations, helping you to help your community.

If you would like to receive the list of team projects or take part in the “Meet and Match” event, please Contact Us


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