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Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The Basingstoke and Deane Health and Wellbeing Partnership (HWP) comprises representatives from various local health agencies seeking to improve health outcomes for our local residents. The HWP is a sub group of the Basingstoke Area Strategic Partnership (BASP).

The Partnership has published its Shared Plan to Improve Health and Wellbeing in Basingstoke and Deane 2016-2020. This Plan encourages us all to ’Be Well and Informed’ and particularly to:

  • Be physically active.
  • Be mentally resilient.
  • Be aware of harm.
  • Be socially connected.

Health And Wellbeing Strategy Logo

There are coordination groups to promote actions under the four priorities:

  • Sport and Physical Activity Alliance – physical activity.
  • Mental Health Alliance – mental wellbeing.
  • Public Health Alliance – positive healthy behaviours.
  • Voluntary Sector Forum – social connections.

The plan clarifies Physical Activity, Mental Wellbeing, Positive healthy behaviours and the need for social connections plus notes priorities and outcomes. Basingstoke and Deane Health and Wellbeing Partnership will review progress against these priorities at its quarterly meetings.

Progress with co-ordination of this plan –

Health and Wellbeing Partnership (HWP)

Health and Wellbeing Partnership (HWP)

Basingstoke Voluntary Action will be working alongside a wide range of organisations linked to this strategy. Note that BVA maintain a list of available grants so groups are advised to check the listings if proposing to initiate an associated Health & Wellbeing Project which may require funding support.


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