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Emergency Coronavirus Response Appeal

Basingstoke Voluntary Action is working with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to co-ordinate support for vulnerable residents during the COVID-19 outbreak.We are trying to enhance the fantastic community work that is taking place across the borough in the following ways:

  • Mapping the services still being run and what help they require
  • Identifying the new activities set up to support our vulnerable people and how to access them
  • Welcoming new volunteers and matching them with services/activities needing support
  • Identifying areas within the borough where no support is currently available

We have worked with community groups in our borough to establish over 20 local community ‘hubs’, covering all areas of Basingstoke and Deane, which will act as direct points of contact for quickly and efficiently distributing food and other vital resources to where they are needed most.

The hub managers and their volunteers will be purchasing shopping, collecting prescriptions, and bringing other essential supplies to vulnerable and self-isolating residents who are unable to purchase these items for themselves.

[ Click on this link to see map of where all the community hubs are, and click on the map ‘pins’ to see contact details ]

A major issue slowing the hubs response to urgent community needs has been the lack of available funds on the ground with which to make these purchases from supermarkets, chemists and other local food stores. We needed to create an immediate method of getting vital funds directly to each hub

This is why we have started the Emergency Coronavirus Response Appeal.

Anything raised here will help provide an additional immediate source of funds for all of the hubs via pre-paid currency cards, which will be topped up centrally by us at BVA, meaning that tracking and control of what is spent is appropriately managed whilst giving the hub managers access to money that can be used directly in stores.

Thank you in advance for any contribution that you can afford to make in these difficult times.

The staff and volunteers of Basingstoke Voluntary Action.


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