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Directory of Social Change – leaflets and guides

The DSC have published a factsheet to debunk and challenge the most common myths about charities. #CharityFacts sets out nine facts supporting each with explanations and statistics –

  • Charities are run by volunteers
  • Charities don’t pester people for money
  • Charities don’t spend your donation on big salaries
  • Charities aren’t hoarding cash
  • There aren’t too many charities
  • Charities are trusted
  • Charities spend your donation on the cause
  • Charities don’t get tons of money from government
  • Charities answer to almost everybody

The factsheet is designed to arm staff and volunteers with a single, easy to read and access source of information, to challenge misconceptions about the voluntary sector. #CharityFacts is available to read and download from here: #CharityFacts,


The DSC offer a wide selection of guides from thoroughly researched funding directories to best practice management guides. You’ll find all you need to make you and your charity stronger. Their charity books have helped hundreds of thousands of charity professionals. Written by leading sector experts who know the issues you face because they’ve faced them too.

(Look out for them in libraries as well)

This link will take you to the selection of fundraising books on their site.


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