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Corporate Volunteering & Community Projects

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model that helps a company be socially accountable — to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

Many businesses offer their employees time and experience for one or two days per year, or sometimes more frequently.

At BVA, we are fortunate to have a number of local businesses of all sizes keen to assist with projects, events and charitable activities across Basingstoke & Deane and we want to create effective partnerships between willing teams and charities or groups seeking short term or one off support.

As well as funding and practical support through volunteering, many charities and community groups often require physical resources, storage and material support. See our new section ‘Community Resources‘ Details coming soon.

Teams Seeking Projects: Each team has been allocated a unique reference number (URN) as seen below so if you see a team which matches your requirements email: and we will be delighted to put you in touch.

Support Requested: Charities and event organisers, please outline your requirements for help by filling in this form.

If you are a business offering people or resources, please give details on this form. Alternatively contact Natascha as above or ring us on 01256 423816.

Please note we will be adding case studies showcasing successful partnerships as this page evolves.


Details in italic indicates post currently inactive


See below for up to date details of projects in the community seeking support from teams of volunteers on a short term or one-off basis

Tips for Charities:

  • Provide plenty of notice
  • Have a detailed plan of tasks, resources, timeframe and number of volunteers needed
  • Remember most businesses are only available during weekday working hours (with some exceptions)

Volunteers needed

Cancer Research UK

Details: Marshalls and route support needed

9.30-1.30 September 21st 2019 – Lunch and refreshments provided

Number of volunteers: Not specified




Melrose Hall, Popley

Details: New community hall wanting to look its best prior to re-opening September 21st 2019.

Preferably a few hours ongoing over several weeks.

Number of volunteers: Not specified

BVA, The Orchard

Details: Big Planting Day – planting 30 hedging saplings and assorted flowers and bulbs in The Orchard garden

Weekday in November to be confirmed

Number of volunteers: 6-10

Westside Community Centre

Details: Community Hall needs painting. Several coats as dark to light colour. If possible wooden floor to paint too.

Number of Volunteers: 8-10


See below for details of support offered from local businesses. If you want to find out more, contact BVA with details of your project and quoting the 4 digit reference number of the team which best suits your requirements:

Tips for teams:

  • Provide plenty of notice.
  • Know what activities your team would enjoy or are capable of.
  • Have a clear idea of how many people are available, when, and how frequently.

Team of 10-15 ref #0217

Availability: September 2019

Activities: Gardening – DIY

Team of 10-15 ref #0193

Availability: October 2019 – 1 0r 2 weekdays

Activities: Not specified


Team of 5-10 ref #0228

Availability: October – 1 day

Activities: Environment – Conservation

Team of 6 ref #0157

Availability: 5 days per year

Activities: Conservation

Team TBA ref #0218

Availability: Not specified

Activities: Gardening – DIY

Team of 10 #0167

Availability: Not specified

Activities: Not specified

Team of 10 #0083

Availability: Flexible including evenings and weekends

Activities: Not specified

Team of 2-4 #0017

Availability: Not specified

Activities: Not specified


See below for


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