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Basingstoke and Deane Community Lottery


UPDATE 20/10/2020 – The Lottery is now open and the first tickets are being sold.

Go to to see the good causes now on the lottery and maybe buy a ticket!

Are you a local Charity or Voluntary Organisation* looking to raise money in a fun and effective way? Do you want to offer your supporters the chance to win £25000 whilst helping your great cause? 

Here at BVA we are so excited to announce that this autumn we are launching the BanD Community Lottery for Basingstoke & Deane! 

The BanD Lottery will operate on the principle of raising money within the community for the community to aid the recovery of our local charity sector. In this time of shrinking budgets and increased community need, our Community Lottery will enable good causes to connect with their supporters by encouraging them to donate whilst offering them a chance to win up to £25,000!

What’s the Catch?

None. The lottery is totally free for recognised* local organisations to join, and the more you promote it then the more you can raise. No fees, no administration, no hassle. BVA will work with Lottery partners to help them get the best results from this opportunity.

A ticket for the Community Lottery costs £1 per week of which 60p will go directly to good causes! Players can win prizes starting at free tickets for future draws & up to a top prize of £25,000. The Lottery will be run by Gatherwell Ltd who are known for their success with other community lotteries around the country including West Berkshire and Gosport who are both enjoying the success of the benefits to their community.

Whats next?

To really make a success of this Lottery we need to have at least 60 local organisations to sign up before tickets begin being sold in October this year.

To register your cause, please provide your basic details via the button below and we will get back to you with more information.

Any questions, please email

* To be part of this initiative, your organisation needs to be a member of BVA and have a constitution plus bank account with at least two unrelated signatories.


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