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Basingstoke & Deane Community Lottery


Basingstoke Voluntary Action have spent some time investigating implementation of a ‘Community Lottery for Basingstoke & Deane’ and are now looking toward a launch in Spring 2020 so need Charities or Voluntary Organisations to register interest NOW !

The Lottery would be run by Gatherwell Ltd who already run others around the country including West Berkshire and Gosport who are both enjoying success to the benefits of their community. Gatherwell have presented the Lottery to BVA Management and members of the Basingstoke Community Support Group who were all impressed and saw the potential benefits to Basingstoke Charities and Community Organisations. Discussions are underway with potential Business Sponsors plus Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and all looks positive moving forward.

The lottery is totally free for local organisations to join, and the more you promote it then the more you can raise. If you sell just 10 tickets a week, you’ll raise £208 a year, 25 tickets a week, will raise £520 a year and 50 tickets a week will raise £1040 a year etc. There will also be regular bonus prizes alongside the cash prizes donated by local business.

Players choose six numbers – Match all 6 in the correct order and win £25,000 Jackpot, 5 – £2,000, 4 – £250, 3 – £25 and 2 gets 3 free tickets.

Basingstoke Voluntary Action will be on hand to support Lottery members and provide guidance to assist your organisations marketing. This would include tips and suggestions about how to get the most from the lottery, including details on where to track down essential information to make your fundraising more effective.

Where the money goes

Tickets cost just £1 each and 60p out of every pound raised goes to good causes in Basingstoke & Deane.

  • 40p of ticket sales go straight to the good cause you’ve chosen to support
  • 20p of ticket sales go to Basingstoke Voluntary Action, who administer one-off small grants to good causes
  • 20p of ticket sales go back to supporters as prizes
  • 17p of ticket sales go to Gatherwell Ltd, the lottery administrator, to cover the costs of running the lottery
  • 3p of ticket sales is paid in VAT.

What next ?

To really make a success of this Lottery we wish to ideally have at least fifty local organisations signed up at launch fully representing the various good causes within the Borough. Whilst it is appreciated that many organisations have their own existing fundraising initiatives this would be complimentary and provide widespread publicity of your organisation locally.

To be part of this initiative, Basingstoke & Deane Charities and Voluntary Organisations have to be a Free member of Basingstoke Voluntary Action and have a constitution plus bank account with at least two unrelated signatories. Additionally, Organisation will have to supply text for website which briefly outlines the organisation and what the funds are supporting (Approx 170 words) plus a suitable image or logo.

Interested ?

To register initial interest, and be one of the first organisations listed on our lottery website, please confirm basic details via this link and we will get back to you soon plus organise a Q&A open session this Autumn prior to final launch.

Be part of this great opportunity !

Any questions to please.


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