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Triangle Trust 1949 Fund

We hold one round of Development Grants per year for organisations working with carers, and one round per year for organisations working with the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders.  This is to ensure applicants have a higher success rate and high quality applications are not rejected, compared to holding two or more rounds with lower success rates.

Development Grants

Our Development Grant Scheme provides core funding to support organisations to implement a step change in their development and therefore build increased sustainability for the future.  We are open minded on the type of initiatives applicants may wish to develop in order to increase their sustainability.  Please visit the Case Studies section for examples of the developments funded to date.

However, please note we will not provide funding for the following:

  • Appointment of a Trust or Community Fundraiser.
  • Expanding the coverage of a particular service, unless there is a tangible increase in sustainability as a result.
  • Match funding, unless associated with a sustainability development.
  • Covering the loss of a statutory contract or grant income.
  • General running costs.

 Apply for funding

Details of the application process can be found at Click Here.

The grants provide funds towards your organisation’s core costs to support the development of a solid foundation for the long-term. The Triangle Trust would like to see applicants use these grants to develop sustainable income sources, so that when the grant comes to end your organisation’s income will not be reduced.

Please note: Basingstoke Voluntary Action work closely with the local community to raise awareness of grants and also assist with advice and guidance on applications etc. If you apply for this or any other grant, please let us know via email to enable us to understand what is being applied for. Also, if you are in fact successful in receipt of any grant please let us know to enable reporting of such funding locally.


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