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The Love for Volunteering – Louise Carpenter-Ward

Our amazing Voluntary Sector Support Officer Louise shares how she was able to make one of the greatest passions in her life a volunteering role and an opportunity to help others.

“One of the greatest passions in my life is dogs, I have been the owner of dogs for many years and always loved their company, therefore when I was in Tesco one day in 2018 and heard a dog I was naturally interested. As I was leaving the store, I saw the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People display offering opportunities to volunteer. As the owner of two dogs at the time I did not believe I would be able to help but once I had completed the recruitment process, I was able to volunteer for day care, holiday cover and emergency care.

It was immediately apparent how the Hearing Dog staff see their role as more than just a job, it’s a vocation. The staff and volunteers have shown me time and time again what wonderful things they can achieve.

One of the massive joys of volunteering is how much you can learn about dogs and dog training as the puppy’s progress along their journey towards a recipient.

As always having a puppy or dog is hard work with a high level of responsibility, but the rewards are massive.

As a volunteer since 2018 I feel part of a community and I have made many friends and I feel the experience has been positive in so many ways during that time.

In my work role as a Voluntary Sector Support Officer for BVA I have therefore been able to empathise with volunteers both for their motivation and passion and the fact they have taken those steps into demonstrable actions. In the future I shall use my BVA skills to makes sure that wherever I volunteer the maximum advice and support is given to the organisation whether it be from myself or from my BVA colleagues. I continue to look for opportunities to volunteer for charities and I hope therefore my status as a VSSO will help me add even greater value in the future wherever I volunteer.”

If your group is interested in getting more volunteers on board, we can help. If you would like us to advertise your volunteering opportunities, we can do so via our volunteering platform and social media. Please send your enquires to


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