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The Good Help Award


How purpose and confidence transform lives


The Good Help Award will reward an organisation or team that demonstrates they are helping people transform their lives  by helping them develop their sense of purpose and confidence to take action.

There are three awards available – one £15,000 winner, and two £5,000 runners up. The winners of these awards will be asked to spend the money on activities that support their ‘good help’ work.

How we help each other matters. Some help – what we call ‘good help’ – supports people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action. Other help – which we call ‘bad help’ – does the opposite, undermining people’s confidence, sense of purpose and independence.

Whether people want to improve their health, find work, or get the most out of education, ‘good help’ involves understanding what matters to each person and supporting them to build the confidence they need to take action.

‘Good help’ is core to many organisations trying to help people take action and improve their lives.  Yet despite decades of research and good practice, ‘good help’ remains absent from many mainstream services and social programmes.  Too many people receive ‘bad help’.

Submissions close at 12 noon on the 18th May, 2018. Please make sure that you are ready to submit your application in advance of this deadline.

Please note: Basingstoke Voluntary Action work closely with the local community to raise awareness of grants and also assist with advice and guidance on applications etc. If you apply for this or any other grant, please let us know via email to enable us to understand what is being applied for. Also, if you are in fact successful in receipt of any grant please let us know to enable reporting of such funding locally.


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