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The Dream Fund

The Dream Fund is now closed to applications.

The Dream Fund has been developed to give charities the chance to deliver the project they have always dreamed of, but never had the opportunity to bring to life. The Dream Fund allows charities to apply for up to £1.5 million to deliver their ‘dream’ project over 24 to 36 months. We ask charitable organisations across Great Britain to think big, be ambitious and collaborate with other not-for-profit partners to deliver their dream project. Applications must come from a collaboration of at least two organisations.

The lead partner of any application MUST be a registered charity. Partner organisations can be registered or non-registered charities, voluntary groups and community interest companies. The Dream Fund encourages collaboration between not-for-profit organisations, therefore all applications must come from at least two not-for-profit organisations that have joined forces to deliver their ‘dream’ project. We do NOT accept applications from councils, statutory bodies or local authorities, either as lead or partner organisations.

This Year’s Funding Priorities

This year the Dream Fund is looking for projects that seek to implement systemic change in order to address an important social or environmental problem.

Systems change involves looking at problems in a macro context and understanding the entire ecosystem of that problem, in order to develop long-term solutions.

Systems change thinking comprises mapping out all the relevant stakeholders, the institutions and the economic, social, cultural, political factors that underlie these large structural problems in order to give a full understanding of why the problem persists in order to create a solution.

The Dream Fund is now open for applications. The application form is available to access at this link and will be open until October 15th at 5:30pm.


Please note: Basingstoke Voluntary Action work closely with the local community to raise awareness of grants and also assist with advice and guidance on applications etc. If you apply for this or any other grant, please let us know via email to enable us to understand what is being applied for. Also, if you are in fact successful in receipt of any grant please let us know to enable reporting of such funding locally.


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