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Many businesses provide support to their local communities in a variety of ways. A number operate Match Funding schemes whereby, if one of their employees is involved in your fundraising events, they will match the donations you raise.

There may be a maximum amount that the business will match to and all will want some evidence of what has been raised. If it is a small fundraising event the employee just being involved may elicit the match funding however, for larger events, the match funding may only be given for the exact activity that the employee is involved in.

It is therefore a good idea for the volunteer to help where you anticipate raising the most money, for example, if you are running an event where you are charging an entrance fee, having a barbecue and running a tombola, pick the one that will bring in the most money and ask them to help there.

As well as Match Funding, some businesses have Grant schemes, or will offer help with donations of goods, such as raffle prizes, discounts for purchasing items for your event or let you do sale or return for items you buy from them but do not sell at the event.

Click on the items below to find out about how these businesses may be able to help you.

Morrisons Foundation The Morrisons Foundation has been set up to make a positive difference to people living in England, Scotland and Wales. They provide match funding for Morrisons colleagues and offer grants to charities undertaking projects that improve people’s lives.
 Sainsbury's Local Heroes Sainsbury’s Local Hero scheme rewards Sainsbury’s employees for voluntary work they complete for Charities or Voluntary Groups in their local Community.
 Wilko Every Wilko store has a small budget to help their local community to do great things and we want our donations to improve the lives of as many local people as possible and make a big difference to lots of good causes. Whether you need a small raffle prize, pot of paint or even something a little bigger, your local Wilko store may be able to help you.

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