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Berkeley Foundation Community Investment Fund

The funding programme is currently closed.
We will be launching our next funding programme in spring 2019.


The Community Investment Fund aims to support small-medium sized charitable organisations addressing relevant social issues. Through this fund we aim to work in partnership with the voluntary sector across four key areas: Homes, Jobs, Skills, and Care. Each funding programme will focus on a specific theme within these areas. Funding of up to £250,000 will be available for each programme over a period of two years. Current and upcoming funding programmes include:

Combatting Youth Homelessness

This grant programme is open to applications between 1st June – 30th June 2018.

We are making £250,000 available from our Community Investment Fund to support young people aged 18-30 years who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness in the communities where we work.

Young people are three times more likely to have been homeless in the last five years than older adults. 225,000 young people in London have stayed in an unsafe place because they had nowhere safe to call home and only one in five aged 16-24 seek help from the council. Welfare reform and the housing crisis are only worsening the situation. Despite the evident need to support young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, services for young people have had their funding squeezed significantly over the last few years.

Through the Combatting Youth Homelessness funding programme, we are aiming to support those in need to access good quality, sustainable housing solutions, as well as helping at risk young people to avoid homelessness.

Who can apply to the Berkeley Foundation?

The Community Investment Fund is open to applications for charitable projects that meet the following criteria:

  • you are a Registered Charity or a Registered Community Interest Company;
  • you operate in London, Birmingham or the South of England;
  • you meet the eligibility criteria of the specific funding programme you wish to apply for.

We particularly encourage applications from smaller organisations with a turnover of less than £1m.

Comprehensive details for who can apply, what is available, and the application process are available at the foundation website.

Please note: Basingstoke Voluntary Action work closely with the local community to raise awareness of grants and also assist with advice and guidance on applications etc. If you apply for this or any other grant, please let us know via email to enable us to understand what is being applied for. Also, if you are in fact successful in receipt of any grant please let us know to enable reporting of such funding locally.


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