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Action Hampshire

Attracting, Supporting and Retaining Volunteers

  • How to develop and market your volunteer roles to attract volunteers with the most to
    give, looking at difficulties with recruitment and new avenues for finding volunteers
  • Identifying signs and causes of de-motivation, and understanding of why volunteers leave
    and strategies on how to value and acknowledge your volunteers in order to keep them
  • How to support and offer supervision to your volunteers in order to get the best out of
    them and give them what they need to stay. There will be opportunities to share good and
    bad experiences, ask questions and cover difficult topics including offering constructive


Dates Venues Times
Tuesday, 30th October 2018 The Orchard 6pm to 9pm
Thursday, 25th April 2019 The Orchard 10am to 2pm


Individuals/VCOs within Basingstoke and Deane: £15 per person

All others: £35 per person

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