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2 – Finance & Funding

Basingstoke Voluntary Action can assist groups with information regarding funding and financial management and have a variety of documents for reference.

The BVA Group Development team is available to assist in the development of specific documentation and to answer any question that groups may have.

Ensuring that groups are fully aware of the various financial requirements greatly increases the potential for being successful when applying for available grants.

Be Clear On What You Want Funding For..

What difference will your project make?
Whether you are applying for a small grant to fund a one off group activity, or planning to set up a project to provide facilities for, or deliver services to, the community, you will need to be clear about what the ‘outcome’ or ‘benefit’ is of what you are doing.

Funders often refer to ‘benefits’ or ‘outcomes’ to describe the positive results of projects that they would consider providing a grant for. Here are a few examples to help you decide what the ‘benefits’ or ‘outcomes’ are of your project. And how you are going to achieve this.

  • INPUTS – Are activities you undertake to deliver the services your project will provide.
  • OUTPUTS – Are the services your project will provide
  • OUTCOMES – Are the direct difference those services will make to the people or organisations your project will benefit.
  • LONG TERM CHANGE – is the longer term difference to peoples lives that the project will contribute to.
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Click on the relevant links below for our free guides.
2.01 – Getting Started and Planning

Things to consider well in advance of any actual bid for funding

2.02 – Developing a Fundraising Strategy

Developing a funding strategy will help prioritise tasks plus target particular and relevant funding

2.03 – Preparing a Business Plan

Business plans demonstrate ready for funding and details your organisations aims and objectives

2.04 – Banking for Voluntary Groups and Charities

Overview of the normal requirements around banking

2.05 – Funding for Projects

Overview of funding for projects rather than or in addition to core operational costs

2.06 – Main sources of funding

Guidance on the main sources available to Charities and Voluntary organisations

2.07 – Different types of funding

Under Review at present …..

2.08 – Organising Funding Information

Clarification regarding the need to collate and organise funding information

2.09 – Good Applications

Advice regarding the basic requirements funders are looking for in applications

2.10 – Top ten tips for successful applications

Tips from funders regarding applications

2.11 – Running Successful Projects

Key principals for running a successful project

2.12 – Budgets for small groups and projects

Budgets aid identity of what funding is required plus control of expenditure and financial management

2.13 – Financial planning for larger groups

Guidance on the things which needs consideration if running a larger organisation seeking funding

2.14 – Demystifying full cost recovery

Full cost recovery is calculating your overhead expenses and allocating portions to specific programmes

2.15 – Tendering, Commissioning and Procurement

Overview of contracts including Tendering, Commissioning and Procurement

Additional Advice and Guidance is available via VolResource which aims to make it easy to find useful information on anything to do with running a voluntary organisation whether community group, Charity or other non-profit body.


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