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10 tips on Volunteer week celebrations

A non-profit organisation can raise huge amounts of money and hire a big PR firm to promote themselves. But without the altruistic efforts of its volunteers, it would lack passion and drive. Volunteers can be their most organic promoters whether they contribute a little or a lot, their hardwork is worth celebrating.

During the Volunteers’ Week this year, hundreds of events and festivities will take place throughout the country to say thank you to the volunteers, recognising their selfless work for the community.

Just like any other company, it is not enough to merely say ‘Thank you’ to the volunteers. You must show them through various gestures ,whether in kind or simply a party,that you value their inputs.

Below we discuss some of these ideas for the non-profits to show their employees that they care.

1) Appreciation from the CEO/President : Record a praising video message from your top brass or simply gather everyone for a meet and get the CEO to call out the names of the shining star volunteers and mention how they helped out the institution. Being valued is sometimes all that you can provide a person helping you out.

2) Create a scrapbook : Accumulate pictures of the volunteers while they are working for the company and create a digital album or print the images out along with some details about the day and place of their volunteering.

3) Design and award ‘Volunteer Pins’ : Fabricate lapel pins online and use then to commemorate an anniversary or customize them for individual volunteers. Categorize these awards according to the achievements, hours spent, people choice or their personal interests.

4) Something nice for Volunteer’s family : Every minute that a volunteer gives to your non-profit, they are keeping away from their family. So, to honour their family offer free passes to amusement parks, theatre, sporting event or any other type of family activity.

5) Volunteer Cookbooks : Collect recipes from your volunteers and inculcate them in a cookbook. SHare the cookbook among the employees, volunteers or trustees or maybe sell them to raise funds. This will make the volunteers feel valued as well as help out the organisation.

6) Meet and Greet the Stars : Ask a celebrity who supports your cause to address your volunteers. Similarly, you could invite an elected official like the Mayor to do the same. However, if you invite an elected official, make sure that they are not a controversial figure for the majority of your audience.

7) A Talent Show : All of us enjoy being praised for our talents. Volunteers must do too. A talent show is a great way for the volunteers to socialize and get friendly with each other in an entertaining way. Some volunteers may have abundance of talent that they’re dying to show off but haven’t had the chance. Others may prefer to be the audience —and that’s fine, too.

8) Reference letters : There are numerous reasons why someone give their time and efforts to a company. One of them is to polish their personalities and profile. Volunteering takes the resume to a new level. A glowing recommendation —be it on a resume, cover letter or a LinkedIn profile—shows and proves their worth. Most importantly, it could help a volunteer get a job one day.

9) Plant a tree in their name : This is the best way to build a sense of community , appreciate the volunteers and save mother nature. Plant the tree in the volunteer’s neighborhood or at your company backyard. Make sure to include a plaque, so that everyone including the volunteers will know who the tree is dedicated to.

10) Volunteer day out : Lastly, plan an exclusive volunteers day of fun all expenses paid. There are tons of stuff that will help your team to bond and connect according to their passions. Here are some ideas:

  • A day at the amusement park or county fair
  • Mini-golf
  • Bowling
  • House party

Share your volunteer week photos using #VolunteersWeek or tag @volunteersweek_2019.

For official details about the Volunteer Week, click here

There are so many ways to show volunteers how much you appreciate their efforts. Do you have any other ideas? Tag us @bvaction on Instagram to your posts and we will know


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